Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas / New Ocean Paradigm on Its Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem and Sustainable Use (NEOPS)

About us

The New Ocean Paradigm on its Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem, and Sustainable Use (NEOPS) aims to

  1. establish new ocean provinces in the Pacific Ocean based on a better understanding of the structures and functions of each ecosystem and their biogeochemical cycles;
  2. assess the functions and economic valuations of oceans as natural capital that provides various ecosystem services to people around the world. In addition to coastal waters and EEZ, the high-sea areas, which have long been excluded from such evaluations, will constitute our primary research topics; and
  3. propose alternatives for the future, including legal and economic frameworks, to conserve and efficiently manage marine ecosystem services.

The new ocean paradigm will reflect the best available scientific evidence provided by this project and, based on this paradigm, we will work toward public consensus building in international societies for the conservation and rational management of the oceans, including ecosystem services.

Research themes