Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas / New Ocean Paradigm on Its Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem and Sustainable Use (NEOPS)


Symposium on biological diversity beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ): Frontiers in Conservation and Sustainable Use of Ocean

December 10, 2016 (Sat). Nakajima Hall of the University of Tokyo

9:30-10:00 Opening remarks and summary of recent findings on natural scientific aspects of ocean research and BBNJ Ken Furuya, The University of Tokyo
10:00-10:40 What motivates people to contribute to marine conservation? Kazumi Wakita, Tokai University
10:40-11:20 Factors shaping the BBNJ negotiation process: Difficult work in an uneven landscape of actors Robert Blasiak, The University of Tokyo
11:20–12:00 A new international agreement on BBNJ: Major issues to be solved at negotiations Zentaro Naganuma, MOFA, Japan
Lunch break
13:00–13:40 RFMOs - fisheries management and biodiversity Peter Flewwelling. North Pacific Fisheries Commission
13:40–14:20 An overview of the Preparatory Committee process and the importance of a new international legally-binding instrumen Rishy Bukoree, Mauritius Mission to the UN
14:20–15:00 Role of RFMO: As in the development and implementation of BBNJ legislation Peter Flewwelling, North Pacific Fisheries Commission
Coffee break
15:30–16:10 An internationally legally binding instrument on BBNJ: The way forward Kentaro Nishimoto, Tohoku University
16:10–17:00 Summary session Nobuyuki Yagi, The University of Tokyo
17:20– Reception at the same venue

This symposium is hosted by the University of Tokyo research group using JSPS Kakenhi grant “New Ocean Paradigm on its Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem and Sustainable Use (NEOPS)”. Additional funds are provided from the University of Tokyo Ocean Alliance financially supported by the Nippon Foundation.The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science also contributed in organizing the event.

All speakers are expected to express personal opinions rather than official statements of their institutions.